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 3 new features of WhatsApp that Android and iOS User will enjoy

WhatsApp has recently introduced a number of features for both iOS and Android apps.


WhatsApp app has recently released many new features  in its Android and iOS apps. The company has announced Joinable Calls, View One, and much more. There is a lot to discover on the new WhatsApp application. The top three new features on WhatsApp for iOS and Android are following these.

Deleted right after opening and viewing 

The social media Whatsapp platform has introduced a feature like SnapChat that allows the recipient to view photos and videos once before disappearing. WhatsApp is the latest application to adopt this View One feature. If you send photos or videos using this feature, they will be deleted right after opening and viewing. According to the company, this feature is useful for sending temporary information such as passwords or personal information.

Joining calls

That is really useful and amazing features. WhatsApp introduced this feature in July. This allows users to jump into a voice or video call after the call has started. Like other services like Google Mate and Zoom, people who are unable to start a group video conversation can join at any time during the call. Until this feature is released, if you want to let a new person in, you’ll need to turn off the phone and restart.

Android to iOS and vice versa

There are many users who want to change the platform – from Android to iOS or vice versa but they are not able to do so for fear of losing all their WhatsApp data. Well, things are changing now. Before that there was no way to move chat history from one system to another in WhatsApp. However, you can now use the  feature to back up your chat details and files and transfer them to new phone. Have you used any of these new jambo features yet? All of these are now available on the stable WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. Other new features include archive chat updates and multi-device support for the WhatsApp web.


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