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Apple has warned of new supply disruptions ahead of the launch of the iPhone 13 

 iPhone 13

The recent iPhone 13 leak has caused many design shocks, some eye-popping contradictions, and a significant disappointment. But now Apple has confirmed the most shocking release information.

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Iphone 13 Release date after new updates

Following the announcement of the record-breaking Q3 financial results, Apple’s Chief Financial Officer Luka Maestri later warned Apple fans that the supply of its products would be severely affected by the move. In addition, Master said that it is the iPhone and iPad that will suffer the most.

“We expect supply disruptions during the September quarter to be much higher than we experienced during the June quarter. Disruptions will primarily affect the iPhone and iPad,” Mastery said. Explained on call.

In context, September is the month in which Apple is expected to launch a massive range of new iPhone 13s, as well as a newly designed iPad mini. In anticipation of record-breaking demand, Apple has advanced “ahead of schedule” with orders for more than 100 million next-generation A15 chips. Unfortunately, however, Mastery’s warning highlights the difference between being able to obtain and order the chips needed to meet demand.

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And, for Apple’s unparalleled supply chain expertise company, it’s a shock. Although the lack of a global chip has affected most companies, Apple has competed for the best and it is mainly graphics cards, games consoles, and carmakers that have been most affected. Anyone looking to buy an Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will confirm.

More positively, Apple said it expects “strong double-digit growth” in the September quarter, but anyone who buys a new iPhone 13 and hopes to join the company’s bottom line is fighting. Looks ready. As gamers find console space, limited supply attracts professional scalpers who only exacerbate the problem and push prices to the roof.

There’s a lot to like about the iPhone 13 lineup, including their small markings superimposed rear camera (with extreme image stabilization), modern A15 chipset, next-generation 5G and – for Pro models – 120 Hz Pro Motion Display. ۔ That said, even before the first leak of the iPhone 14, it was revealed that Apple would address a number of shortcomings next year.

As a result, the decision to upgrade this year is likely to be tougher than usual. In particular, the 2021 iPhone S looks as fast as the year.

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