How To add Table of Content Template in Blogspot Post

 How to make a Table of Contents in Blogger Post 2022

How To add Table of Contents in Blogspot Post? In today’s post, we will learn how you can make a table of contents in Blogger and WordPress without installing any plugins.Friends, every time we write an article on our website, it is very important to have a table of contents in the middle of the article because by using the table of contents function, it is easy for the user to read the article, so that the user clicks the header accordingly. By doing so, the paragraph of a particular heading can be read. teiztech

That means the Table Of Content?

Just as any book has a table of contents within the first page and from that table of contents we know what the courses are in that book, similarly, any post on a blog or website has a table of contents. This indicates what is the main heading and subtitle in this publication.So the person or user who reads it becomes very easy to know what is the main heading within this post and get to the particular heading by clicking on the link in the table of contents as desired by her.

How to Create a Table of Contents in Blogger:

You can use this short script to create a table of contents on Blogger. But before that, please copy the main heading of your post into a notepad, after that, wherever you want to create a table of contents in the post, paste those headings into it.

What Is the Table of Contents?

  • Title1
  • Header2
  • Header3
  • Header4
  • Header5
  • Header6

Now you need to add a link code in these headers, so how will you add it now? For this you are being given a video, play it, and follow: 

code 1 :- #numberone

code 2 :- <span id=”numberone”></span>

How to add Table of Contents in WordPress Post:

To create a table of contents in WordPress, you will get a lot of plugins, so that you can easily create a table of contents with one click. But that will slow down your website speed.

But if you put the code given in this post in your post, then there will be no negative effect on your website speed. Rather, applying this code will help rank your website. How to make a table of contents with the help of this code? His video is given above. Play the video and follow it.  #Blogspot #WordPress #Tableofcontent


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