Urdu font for Pixellab – Jameel noori nastaleeq for pixellab

Urdu font for Pixellab

Urdu font for pixellab

Friends Mostly people use Urdu font for Pixellab, today I am going to tell you how you can add Urdu fonts to your mobile apps.
Today I will give you very important and amazing fonts with the help of which you can add Urdu fonts in any app. And write beautiful words to Urdu fonts which will look very nice.
Usually, only two fonts are mostly used in Urdu. Teiz Tech Website Provide You Original APK to you

  1. Jamil Noori is number one.
  2. and Urdu fonts second number

You can easily use Urdu fonts in the way. Urdu font for Pixellab is very useful and important for all the pixel lab users for making Urdu content.
I told you. To make Urdu fonts stand, first, you have to download the zip file from the download button below.

Urdu font for pixellab

Once downloaded, you can download and install the Rar File APK below.

Urdu font for pixellab

How To add Urdu fonts To Pixellab

Once installed, open the app Now go to the app and open this downloaded zip file. Now Your Zip File is Unzip And You Can easily Use This On Pixel Lab. For using This you just need to go to the pixel lab app and find the font option and click on it. Now you can click on my font option and click on the file option. If you click on the file option go to the folder where your extracted Urdu font file is located. And then click on it to add your desired font its a one-time process and you don’t need to do this again and easily use these fonts to make your photo awesome.



  1. _PDMS_Bukhari.ttf
  2. _IslamicFont Bold.ttf
  3. _IslamicFont.ttf
  4. _Jauhar Regular.ttf
  5. _Kalam.ttf
  6. _Kalash.ttf
  7. _Mehran.ttf
  8. _Multan.ttf
  9. _Nowshera.ttf
  10. _PencilNafees.ttf
  11. _Sukkur.ttf
  12. AA Sameer Kelk.ttf
  13. AA Sameer mosan.ttf
  14. Aadil.ttf
  15. Asar.ttf
  16. Abbas.ttf
  17. AGENCYB.ttf
  18. AGENCYR.ttf
  19. Ahemad.ttf
  20. ahronbd.ttf
  21. Akbar.ttf
  22. Akram.ttf
  23. Majeed Quranic Font_shiped.ttf
  24. Qalam Fahad.ttf
  25. Qalam Hassan.ttf
  26. Al Qalam Kolkata Qurani font.ttf
  27. Al Qalam Quran Majeed 1.ttf
  28. Qalam Quran Majeed 2.ttf
  29. Qalam Quran Majeed.ttf
  30.  Mushaf.ttf
  31. Qalam 1.ttf
  32. Al Qalam Quran.ttf
  33. Qalam Rehan.ttf
  34. Qalam Tehreeri.ttf

Pixellab Download

If you don’t know how to download the Pixellab app for android So it’s very easy to download. You just need to go to the play store app and search for the Pixellab app its shows you the Pixellab app. Click on the install Button and Your app is installed on your device. I am also providing you a direct link to Pixellab here the link is in the download button Click on the download button and it automatically takes you to the play store and download from there.


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