How to Enable Perfectly Custom rebots txt in your blogger with easy Step | Custom rebots txt kese lgaye apne blog mein | Teiztech

 Custom Robots Header Tags and it’s Purpose

Enable rebots txt

How to Enable Perfectly Custom rebots txt in your blogger with easy Steps | Teiztech

How to do work Backlink?

You are going to deal with the following custom robots header tags in blogger.

  1.  all 

        In the event that you set this tag, crawlers are not limited by any limitations. They can unreservedly creep, file and uncover your substance.

2. noindex 

           Not every one of the sites are for public notification. Regardless of whether you don’t share the URL of your own blog with anyone, odds are individuals will come to it from indexed lists. On such a situation, you can utilize noindex tag as it forestalls web crawlers from ordering the pages.

           How to make active Backlink?


            Nofollow labels are for don’t default connection. Dofollow is the default robot tag. That implies the web crawlers can sneak upon the pages you connected to. On the off chance that you don’t need search bots to glance through your connections, expansion of a nofollow label should help you.


             none consolidates the provisions of both noindex and nofollow labels. The crawlers will neither file your pages nor skim through the connections.


                You may have seen a stored mark with the vast majority of the site interfaces on SERPs. It shows that Google has caught a duplicate of your site into their worker to show in the event that it goes down. That being said, the noarchive label winds down reserved variant in search pages.


            Open Registry Venture or Dmoz is a man-made catalog of sites. Google utilizes the data from that point once in a while. You can turn it off with this tag assuming you need to.


                      Would you like to debilitate interpretation on your site? Then, at that point use notranslate for the specific reason.

What is Backlink?


                         On the off chance that you permit Google to file your pictures, individuals might take it and use on their own sites. To forestall that, you can keep the pictures deindexed utilizing noimageindex tag. Likewise Read this Picture Website optimization guide.

How to Enable Rebot tag in your blog with some easy step after knowing about all type of rebot tags.

As you most likely are aware, we are looking at setting up robots labels on blogger. Follow the means offered beneath to continue with this.

Step 1: Visit own blogger.In blogger settings, choose the one for which you want to modify robots tags.

Rebots txt in blogger

 Step 2: Presently, you will get a bunch of checkboxes. In any case, don’t get threatened! It might feel like a convoluted one, yet it’s not. You can set them all alone by perusing the “Custom Robots Header Labels and Reason” indeed. Or then again, simply follow similar settings I picked (allude to the picture given beneath) and hit Save changes.

Note:We can Enable Tag for the homepage, archive pages, and post pages as well similar.

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