How to Write an Pro Level SEO Friendly Blog Post That Ranks Easily in 2022

 How To Rank Post In 2022 WIth The Help Of SEO Article

SEO Friendly Blog Post: Do you know how to write an SEO-friendly blog post and why it is important for all bloggers? If you do not know what SEO is, you can read it.
It doesn’t matter how good an article you write if you write good titles, content, paragraphs with a lot of effort. However, your article appears on pages 5-6 in Google search. What is wrong news for a blogger in 2022? To make this news good news, you need to write an SEO-friendly article. If your article appears on the first page of Google search, it will significantly increase your site traffic.

Increasing traffic is not for anyone. If you are a blogger then you must have understood the benefits of getting more traffic. So no worries, let’s know how to write an SEO-friendly blog post.

Pro Level SEO Friendly Blog Post

How to write an SEO-friendly blog post in 2022:

The full meaning of SEO is “search engine optimization”. You are writing an SEO-friendly article, which means that you are telling Google what topic your article is written on. With this, you are improving the content for search engines.
Which has many benefits, like increasing site traffic. When you search for your article, it will appear on the first page of Google. There will be more visitors. The rank of your site will increase. These are all its benefits. With it, you can give Google users the same content that your visitors want. Your income will also increase.
So if you follow these 9 tips given below, you will understand everything.

1. Keyword research:

The first question that comes to mind is what is this keyword? Rocket is no longer science. Any phrase and phrase that you Google is your keyword. Like Google, “How to earn money from social media Facebook”.

This is your keyword. The next question is which keyword would be more accurate. To do this you need to use tools like Google’s free tool. Named “Google’s Word Planner“. You need to choose keywords where there is less competition, you can quickly rank for that keyword.
You can also enter your own keywords if you want, you can simply check the competition with Google’s Word Planner. One important thing is to use the long tail keyword. The advantage of this is that you can classify the word short tail well.
Let’s explain what is a long-tail keyword and what is a short-tail keyword. “Top 10 photos to edit in 2022” is your long-tail keyword. But if you type photo editing apps, this is a short tail keyword.
But the word short tail also appears in the previous word (TOP 10 best photo editing apps in 2022). I mean using long-tail keywords, short tail keywords will rank automatically.
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2. Enter keywords in the Title:

You have to choose your title according to the title of your article. And remember that your title should be the keyword for your article. Never make the mistake of focusing on your keyword “how to write an SEO friendly blog post” and you’re writing something else. Then write the same in the title of your post. 

3. Use the Friendly keywords in the paragraph:

You should also pay attention to the fact that whenever you write an article, you must use the keyword in the first paragraph. Which will be useful for SEO. If you are writing an article called “What is SEO?”, You should take it by keyword.
Q: What is Keyword Stuffing?
I mean write “What is SEO?” Anywhere in the paragraph. But one thing to keep in mind is that your keywords should be typed naturally. Do not intentionally type the keyword over and over again, this is against Google’s guidelines. This is also called keyword stuffing.

Write an Pro Level SEO Friendly Blog Post

4. Use Titles and Subtitles (H2 and H3 tags):

The use of headings and subheadings is SEO in itself. Always remember that the headline tells visitors what is actually written inside.
By the way, titles and subtitles mean what keyword you want to use in H2 and H3 tags. But remember you don’t type the same keyword that contains Exact, make some changes and then type it.
For example, take an example of “how to write an article”, instead you can write “how to write an article well”. You can also write it to H2 tag and you can also write it to H3.

5. Use Alternate ImageTags:

No search engine can read the image. Instead, let the search engine know which image you have used and to whom it relates. You can enter the name of the image in the alt tagline.
For example, if there is an SEO image, you should write SEO in the ALT tag. This allows the search engine to know what the image is. Use the keyword in the alt tag, it will improve your article.
You can also use a free image plugin called SEO Friendly Image. One more thing, always compress the image, it will reduce the page load time. Whenever someone searches for a picture from Google, their picture may appear there.

6. Relevant and Bold Keywords:

You can do this even after writing a post. This is also a great way to write an SEO-friendly topic. In this, you only need bold and relevant keywords. This will make it easier for search engines to focus on your keywords. (This does not mean that it will make everyone sassy.) This method also makes it easier for visitors to blur the article content.

7. Outbound links to high-quality sites:

You may have noticed that there are some very large sites. Sites with higher CPC, rank, page rank. Link these sites to your page. If you are writing an article that is called blogging. “What are blogging?“, You can link the word “blogging” to another site.
You can provide a link to the URL with the word blogs and that link can also be from the Wikipedia site. Whenever someone clicks on the word on the blog, they will be redirected to the Wikipedia page.
There are many sites like Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, all of these are high-quality sites. You can combine some words from your site with all of them. Google considers this very important.

8. Make SEO Blog URL:

Blog URLs are very important for article search engine optimization. Enter a URL that contains only keywords.
Your keyword is Google.
Take an example
That’s the most decent thing to do and it should end there.

9. Use Meta Descriptions:

In the meta description, you should summarize the entire article. Whenever you publish a post, you need to look at the meta description once first.
In it, you will need to use the keywords you used in your post title, title description, subtitle. This tells Google what your post is about. It also makes it easy to search on Google.
This description should be around words. You should never copy Meta Description B. You should always use relevant keywords. In WordPress, write the meta description in the middle of the main tag.
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