Shah Rukh Khan sent Rs 4,500 to his son for expenses in jail

Shah Rukh Khan Sent Rs 4,500 to his son for expenses:

Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan sent 4,500 rupees to his son, who was arrested in a drug case, on jail costs.

SRK With Aryan Khan: 

According to the Times of India, Shah Rukh Khan has sent money to his son Aryan Khan for the expenses of the prison dining room. The superintendent of the prison, Nitin Vechal, has confirmed that Shah Rukh Khan sent 4,500 rupees to his son via money order. The money was sent on October 11, he said. According to Indian prison regulations, any prisoner can request a maximum money order of Rs 4,500 to cover his expenses in prison. shahrukh khan son news

SRK with Guri

Aryan Khan Arrested:
On Thursday, Aryan Khan spoke to his parents in a video call for the first time in 12 days. The prison administration introduced a video calling system to facilitate inmates during the Corona epidemic. Aryan Khan gave the number of his mother Gauri Khan in which the jail administration talked to his parents for 10 minutes in a video call. According to prison rules, an inmate can make a video call two or three times a month in the presence of a prison officer.

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