The Punjab Government has given good news to Matric and Intermediate Students

Good news For Matric and Intermediate Students:

FSC Confirm Result Date: Punjab CM approves policy on grace marks and results announcement, orders HEC to publish results within 48 hours.

good news for student about result

The Punjab government gave good news to matric and intermediate students. The Chief Minister of Punjab approved the policy of granting grace notes and announcing the results. The HEC was ordered to publish the results within 48 hours. Pakistani Students issue

FSC Confirm Annouced Result Date 2021:

 According to the details, the Punjab Boards of Education and Secondary had prepared the results of the Matric and Intermediate parties but were awaiting the approval of the policy by the Cabinet, but today the Chief Minister of Punjab has approved Grace Marks’ summary of Matric and Intermediate. Fsc students result 2021
The provincial cabinet also approved a policy for the dissemination of results. According to Punjab Secretary of Higher Education Syed Javed Iqbal Bukhari, the announcement of the results before October 16 is our deadline.

FSC result confirm news

It should be noted that due to the reduction in the spread of the Corona epidemic, 100 percent of the number and all educational institutions were opened as usual throughout the country. Matric result confirm date
The notification from the Punjab Department of Education said that schools would reopen normally, full attendance would be guaranteed instead of 50% attendance of students. All teaching and non-teaching activities would be allowed in schools as usual starting Monday. On the other hand, the Punjab government has decided to control private schools. The bill for the establishment of the regulatory authority for private schools in Punjab has been sent to the Cabinet for approval. 16Octoberresult

Good news For Matric and Intermediate Students #Result2021 #16Octubre— Teiz Tech (@TechTeiz) October 12, 2021

According to sources, the bill would give the authority full authority to take action against private schools. The authority could take legal action against private schools for violations. The bill also includes a provision for the protection of teachers in private schools.

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