Xiaomi company announced new Redmi 10 with heavy processor G88 , 90HZ display and 5000 mah battery

Xiaomi company announced new Redmi 10 with heavy processor G88,  90HZ display and 5000 mah battery

Redmi 10 with G88 Chipset

New series of Redmi 10 with 90Hz refresh screen, high camera, and a heavy mediatek chipset. Xiaomi unveiled its brand new Redmi 10 series yesterday. The Redmi 10 is the first entry-level model, and more editions are coming soon.

Redmi 10 Released Date

 The announcement coincided with the same press release that was published earlier this week.

Redmi Mobile first look 

With the Redmi 9 series last year, Xiaomi set a new standard for entry-level phones , the 1080P screen, high-performance chips, and fast charging. The Redmi 10 is built on this basis and further upgrades from the mid-range section to the entry-level section. We’ll take a look at what this latest Redmi has to offer.

Redmi 10 Specifications

The Redmi 10 features the most advanced display in this lineup. We’re looking at a 6.5 “O-hole IPS LCD. Redmi 10 gives level 1080P resolution and 90Hz refreshes screen (also switches to 60Hz and 45Hz to save power.) Redmi new feature change Harmful Blue Filters light, and Gorilla Glass 3 including in it.

The Redmi 10 MediaTek is the first phone to run on the Helio G88, Support Heavy pubg gaming specifically designed to run a high refresh display. The setup runs on a 5000 mAh battery, 18W charging support, and 9W reverse charging. Xiaomi sends phones based on Android 11 with MIUI 12.5.

Q:1 Redmi 10 is good for pubg?

Yes, ofcourse Redmi 10 Support 90Fps and playing good game in mid range budget phone.

Q:2 What is price of Redmi 10 in Pakistan?

Click on the link below to know the features and price of this mobile

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